March Madness Equals College Basketball and Maple Syrup!


Do REALTORS watch College Basketball – Yes! And do some REALTORS make Maple Syrup? Why, of course, they do!  What could be better than watching college hoops with a big plate of pancakes smothered in your own Home Made Maple Syrup on your lap! Perfect.  Yes, you can have eggs and sausage too, but put a little maple syrup in the pan when you cook the sausage.

Make your own maple syrup.  This is so much fun to do and there is so much to learn and what’s not to love about the sweet finished product – Maple Syrup!  One ingredient, I repeat – One Single Ingredient!!  Sap!

I had never made maple syrup before though other family members had been making it for years.  I decided to give it a try. Wow – it’s work but the end result is worth the time it takes.  To get started I needed to gather the tools.  I found that the best place to go for one-stop shopping for all my sugar making supplies is the Sugar Bush Supplies Co. in Okemos MI – They ship or have ready for in-store pickup. You can call in your order by using their online catalog. Well worth the trip to visit their store and see for yourself.

There are so many delectable, tasty, treats that are made from sap: maple syrup; maple sugar; maple frosting; candy; cream and so much more.   I suggest checking out the bookshelf for complete syrup making instructions.

Do your reading before you begin.  Or even better, sign up for the Hudson Mills Maple Sugaring Event they are having here in March.  JOURNEY TO THE SUGARBUSH dates and times.  Be on time because they are going to take you through the entire process.  Collecting sap is the most important part of the journey.  However, some of you may think the best part is the pancakes smothered with maple syrup at the end of this educational event.

So don’t just look out your window and wish that winter would end and Spring would arrive – Get outside and collect your own sap, that one single ingredient from your favorite maple tree and make some Maple Syrup!

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